Creating a safe and robust AI assistant for scientific inquiry

Our vision is to use AI to help us understand our world and ourselves and increase the fidelity of knowledge transfer between humans and AI.

We accomplish this is by building models that are designed to explore vast spaces of plausible theories.


Expand the reach of human mind.

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Novel Theory Mining

We are working on a new brand of generative AI algorithms  that drastically expand the reach of human creative thought. Our models ingest problem statements as a small set of observational data, and output the entire space of plausible theories.

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Error-checking scientific discovery

Our workflow is designed to surface the:
- cognitive errors,
- inconsistencies,
- edge cases

These errors are often implicit in the training data and reasoning vocabulary.

Boost Explainability in AI Models

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Transparent and Explainable AI

Our AI generates theories and expresses them using the very same language and concepts that were initially defined by the researcher. This helps with the process of feedback and validation, resulting in models that are transparent and explainable.

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Robust and Generalizable Models

By grounding our AI in concepts defined by the researcher, we develop models that are robust and generalizable - qualities missing in many popular AI models today.

How it works

Meet our process

Our approach augments human reasoning through a collaborative process with AI.

First, researchers validate AI reasoning. Then, the AI explores hypotheses beyond human scope. Finally, researchers examine AI output to guide integration of discoveries.

These discoveries are not achievable by either humans or an AI independently.

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1. Small data

Our model uses drastically smaller datasets than conventional Deep Learning approaches.

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2. Explainable and robust

Scientists and researchers can validate AI-generated reasoning sequences. Resulting models are inherently faithful to the human decision making process.

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3. Supercharged discovery

We explore much larger spaces of potential hypotheses than are accessible to the human mind.